Tina van den Bongardt – Look at me, I’ll tell you a story….

Os presento a una artista joven alemana, Tina van den Bongardt con su nuevo proyecto.
Que disfruitéis de su cuento personal y al mismo tiempo descubriendo su mundo profundo…

by tata ataneli

Look at me,I‘ll tell you a story….

The confrontation with me and my feelings is the most important part  in my verypersonal work.

I don’t wanna   put the viewer with this text no words in his mouthor influence him.
“Be Free, Without a Word!”
More important to me are the feelings and sensationsin viewing   my work.My wish is also a contact to the viewer, maybe on of the situations or Feelings connects me with him.
No matter , good or bad  whetherPretty or scary sad.
,, Deep deep  in meis what I want to show , very much bigger  than any written word!”

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