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Caucasian Biennale – Declaration, 2006‘Transforming World’

International interdisciplinary discussions on contemporary art ‘Art in the transforming world’

Conceptual framework

1. In the new millennium we are participants of global changes in all spheres of human activity. Simultaneously the confrontation between constructive and destructive forces has become global as well.
2. Today humanity more than before try to focus its efforts on the problems of overcoming crisis situations and finding priorities enabling society to move forward.
3. In this context art remains in the centre of intersection of social, political, economical, cultural and educational processes. Art as a universal creative means is able to assist development of reliance and pluralistic relationships between people.
On the other hand art as an effective tool is being overexploited not only by consumers market, but also by social, national, political and religious interests.
4. Over last years it has got possible to talk about new, although not completely formed trends and initiatives in the contemporary art. Creative process of exploration, selection and identification as a method has become more specific. Ideological and methodological preconditions of the past undergo serious transformation. Institutional infrastructure of the art is also getting radically altered.
5. We are witnessing appearance of new, regional art-systems, which while outlining their priorities try to discover new possibilities and ways of realization, try to set a precedent of revision and reevaluation of already established settings having turned the world art scene into a closed elite club. However the new international, regional and interregional initiatives are not always transparent or have clearly articulated priorities. It is a serious obstacle on the way of formation of new art systems.
6. Despites active development the situation at hand doesn’t look balanced as it reveals a lack of professionalism on all levels. To develop such professionalism and professionals there is a need for up-to-date educational system including serious theoretical base. Today artists, curators and art theorists are required to possess a wide competence necessary to expand the range of activity and persuasiveness.
7. The issue of developing principles of contemporary education is a question of vital importance in solving numerous problems in the sphere of culture, art and social initiatives.
8. What will be art in 21st century: tendencies, priorities, orientation. What is the diapason of art activity and competence in the process of forming society, infrastructure, education and culture in the context of global order.
9. The western culture is based on pragmatic interrelation of science, philosophy and aesthetics, while the Eastern cultures is defined and regulated by religion. In the epoch of globalization a synthesis of those approaches is going to form a new social model. Science, culture and art are the spheres of social activity effortlessly realizing the intercultural communications.
10. Aspired to get an idea over approaches to those problems in other countries, the institutions and art systems identified a need to extend the interregional format up to international discussion including a wide range of professional opinion.
The geo political context of Georgia for all its history fulfills its function of integration of east and west. In this regard Caucasian Biennale is the most favorable ground to lead an international dialogue.

A thematic platform of the conference is defined by the list of following topics which doesn’t exclude inclusion of new themes.

Themes of the conference “Transforming World” 2006
  1. Art in the new millennium: tendencies, priorities, orientation.
Traditional art systems and necessity of looking for new possibilities.
  1. What is good for one is good for all – what role this formula of globalization may play in further development of art: assisting or arresting?
  1. Contemporary art and its educational role in society. What are the new initiatives that may be brought forward (suggested) in the filed of aesthetic education. Today an education is getting being a subject of art-practice and reflection as for curators so for artists. Will this process be capable to assist the breakthrough in art?

Themes/outlines of the up coming biennale 2007 – ‘Conformation of cultures’

  1. Search for ways to establish the platform for the Caucasian Biennale
East-West, confrontation and coexistence
  1. Eastern and Western experience in the context of modern cultural contradictions
  1. What is the range of activity and competence of contemporary art and a role of artist in the formation of society, infrastructure, education and culture in the light of global order?
In case of your participation, please note the chosen topic or send a title of the theme you may offer. For the text you already have will later be published in our catalogue or magazine.
In case your topic concerns the biennale 2007 – ‘Confrontation of Cultures’ and you like to take part as a curator, please, let us get familiar with your ideas, suggestions and the list of artists you’d like to present.

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